SongRiders: Song Writing for Musical Improvisers with Stoddard Blackall

By Vintage Improv Festival (other events)

4 Dates Through Nov 06, 2021


SongRiders Class

Musical Improv with Stoddy Blackall

4 every other week : Nov. 6,20,Dec 4 amd 18


Explore the basic principles of songwriting in tandem with musical improv, that will both upgrade your improvisational skills in the heat of the moment, and aid your ability to sit down and churn out memorable songs when time is on your side.

SongRiders Level 1A: After completion of Level 1, Dive deep into song creation, in all its forms, becoming an even more confident SongRider, to the point where you will flow with your ideas, and truly “ride” any given musical moment.  The better your songs are, the better your musicals will be! 

About Stoddard

Stoddard Blackall is a pianist, singer & composer, with a degree in Songwriting from Berklee College of Music (2010), and composing accolades from the Lehman Engel Musical Theater Workshop (2015).  Stoddard is a songwriter for Sunny Songsters Children’s Entertainers, and AOFine, the NYC based rock and roll band.  He has performed and accompanied musical improv since 2010, with the People’s Improv Theater, Magnet, UCB, and traveling Phony Awards comedy show, “Broadway’s Next Hit Musical”.  Stoddard’s original two-person song cycle, “Hiccups” can be streamed at, at its 5th-workshop stage.