Premium-Choice Pilot Project : A Surcharge to Choose Your Intensive for VIF2021

By Vintage Improv Festival (other events)

Wed, Sep 8 2021 10:00 AM Sun, Sep 12 2021 11:00 PM

The regular intensive assignment for VIF is made through a process overseen and determined by the Festival. We are proud of that process because it facilitates  acheiving the mission of our non-profit. It is something that differentiates our Festival from most others. Since each person who performs in our Festival participates in a curated ensemble the process provides the most cost-effective way for each of us to participate by asuring that att curated teams are filled. The regular assignments are based on individual interests and experience as well as the times they have available to partiipate. Each year, we receive numerous requests to choose certain intensives or instructors,

VIF has not had a mechanism to honor those requests. But this year we have the ability to pilot this Premium-Choice option.

We will offer a limited number of Premium-Choice Supplement Tickets.

A Premium-Choice ticket is a $50 add-on to a regular festival intensive list-price. Each Premium-Choice Ticket purchased is assigned a number based on the order of purchase. 

How Premium-Choice Works

Once the festival schedule is released, holders of Premium-Choice Tickets will be offered choices of  all the intensives they meet the pre-requisites for based on the order they purchase the Premium-Choice Tickets. The tickets are not a guarantee that you will get the exact  spot in the intensive you wish, especially if your purchase order is amongst the later purchases. Premium-

What happens when I get my notification of intensives to choose from as a Premium-Choice Holder?

We will divide the group of Premium-Choice Holders into 3 tiers. Over a 1 week period before we make intensive assignments, each Tiier of Choice holders will have 24 hours to choose and purchase the intensives of their choice before we move on to the next purchase tier. Once the initial 24 hour period for your tier ends, you may still use your Premium-Choice, you just may not have as many choices as you had during the first 24 hours.

How many Premium Choice Tickets should I purchase?

It depends on the number of intensives you want to take. You may purchase up to 4 for yourslef only

Am I guanteed a spot in the exact intensive I want?

Sorry. There are never guarantees. BUT...There are two potential advantages to the Premium-Choice Tickets

1) If you sign up early enough you are pretty likely to get your first choice in the number of intensives you purchased Premium-Choice Tickets for.

2) Even if you don't get your first choices you have some measure of control over your ultimate assignments-although we promise, the regular process works really well!

What happens if none of my choices are available when my Premium-Choice number/tier comes up

If there are no choices you desire by the time we get to your Premium-Choice ticket number, we can apply it to the regular Festival intensive purchase price! . 

Will I still have access to the intensives if I do not purchase the Premium-Choice Supplement


Premium -Choice is a pilot project this year. There are only a limited number of Premium-Choice Tickets per Intensive. SIgnificant numbers of Regular access tickets are available for every single  intensive. These will be assigned at the Festival's discretion based on input you provide when registering for the Festival.

Can I give my Premium-Choices to someone else?

No. Only the register email owner on the purchase may use these tickets, so if you are a couple, make sure you each use your own email address to puchase the ticket.