Puppet School Registration

By Vintage Improv Festival (other events)

5 Dates Through Jan 17, 2021

Please register here for puppet school. By registering, you receive $2.50 discount on each 2 hour workshop as long as you continue to take consecutive workshops. If you have to miss one, you pay the non-discounted rate for the next workshop and then your discount resumes. By registering here you are part of a mailing list that will allow you first opportunity to register for our VIF Puppet School offerings before they are offered to the general public. As the classes advance, there may be prerequistes.

The first class will be with Sam Locke. a puppet master from the Annoyance Theater. He will provide a formal  introduction to puppetry. During this class series  and between classes you will construct a sock puppet. This puppet will have an actual mouth not just a soft  indentation. You will also begin to develop and practice a character for your puppet. You will have time and opportunity to make more than  sock puppet. As th curriculum progresses, we will have the opportunty to create and use muppet style puppets on our virtual format.

Please register only if you are serious about exploring the possibilities of puppetry, improv and Zoom (for now)!