Duo Roulette at VIF 2021

By Vintage Improv Festival (other events)

Wed, Sep 8 2021 12:00 PM Sun, Sep 12 2021 11:00 PM

Duos mix it up all through the Festival is a game of chance, there is no telling who you will be paired with. Perform multiple times throughout the festival. You will be assigned between 3-5 Duo performances throughout the Festival. You may choose strategically  to play one with someone you normally play with or you may choose to give up all choice and let the Dealer decide.  From then on, the rest are by chosen by Lady Luck which includes the results of the previous night's voting. More information coming. You don;t have to be a Festival Participant to be in the Duo Roulette . but why wouldn't you want to?

More about the whole thing later.Beware and be prepared. It;s like the Sweet 16- If you miss a show your opponents get a bye and you can't go to the next round.