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Warrior Women of Improv 2nd Edition with Andel Sudik

By Vintage Improv Festival (other events)

Monday, October 26 2020 7:00 PM 9:00 PM

Warrior Women of Improv
Presented by Andel Sudik
Please message Miki Manting or email [email protected] with interest or to register

Through focusing on Body Mind Mastery we explore improvisation
in a space devoted to us-the badass women that we are. A
holistic and playful approach to improvisation, we will play
with mentality, emotionality and physicality. Based on her
popular US workshop Shr*ll, Andel has created a workshop geared
towards raising our voices, upping our level of play and
challenging ourselves as we lift each other up. Part
experiential and part personal feedback this workshop will be
equal parts writing, improvising and conversation. Bring a pen
and paper, some water and yourself.

Anděl Sudik is a director, improviser, actor and writer based in L.A. and Chicago known for her explosive energy onstage and in the classroom as well as her experiential teaching style. As an actor/writer she is an alum of Boom Chicago in Amsterdam, the Second City TouringCompany and the Jeff Award award winning Second City ETC revue “We’re All in this Room Together.” She has also produced countless successful two-man shows as Arch&Anděl(The Public House, Annoyance, OoB Festival) and improvisational experiences(Obits, a theatrical
experience exploring the lives of those that have passed) as well as directed in Chicago at
Second City, iO and the Annoyance.
She is a faculty member of the Second City Training Center programs (A-E, Conservatory,
Health and Wellness, Advanced and Teen/Youth programs) and has taught her workshops and
performed all over the states as well as across Europe in festivals and privately.
Anděl’s deep well of performance experience and her hands on, in depth work within the
disciplines of long form improvisation, short form, sketch and theater make her a thoroughly
well-rounded and open minded conduit for art, creation, polish and playfulness.
She values time efficiency, and recognizes that the most powerful thing we bring to the table is
us. Whatever we are. She does not update her website enough.


* Due to the issues addressed in this workshop, only women and female identifying participants will be present.